Real Meals Seattle was created with YOU in mind. Focus on living your best life, we'll take care of dinner. 

What comes in each meal? - Each meals comes with 5oz of veggies, 3oz of carbs, 3oz of protein and a 2oz sauce container that you remove prior to microwaving. Pasta dish comes with 8oz of GF brown rice and quinoa pasta as carbs. All Real Meals come in at under 650 calories per meal. 

Do you accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions? - All of our meals are gluten and dairy-free. Optional proteins make it easy to customize.  

Do you allow substitutions? - Try our Build Your Own Bowls for an easy way to customize your meals just the way you'd like them.  

What are the options for 5,10 and month meal plans? 

  • Omnivore - meals come as is with the stated protein
  • Vegan - all meals come with tofu 
  • Pescatarian - meals will come with tofu and salmon *no steak or chicken

How long do my Real Meals last? - Our meals will stay fresh and delicious for 4-5days. We recommend refrigerating all meals upon pickup. If something comes up, feel free to freeze them, just allow to thaw for 24hours before eating. 

Are the containers microwave safe and recyclable? - Double YES! 
Important- Just pull out the 2oz sauce cups prior to microwaving. 

How long do I microwave my Real Meal? - Simply pull out the sauce container, pour over bowl or leave on the side for dipping *do not warm up the chimichurri* leave the lid loosely on turned at a slight angle or cover with a wet paper towel, and depending on your microwave strength 1:30 -2:00 minutes should be just right. 

When is the cut-off time for ordering? - Cut off for ordering is Friday at midnight. If you missed the cutoff time but still want to order, we get it, things happen.  Just shoot us an email at RealMealsSeattle@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How do I get my meals? - We have a few options for you-

  • If you are a member with IanFitness, your meals will be ready and waiting for you in the fridge at your specified gym location. Current gyms we are able to deliver to- Capital Hill, Crown Hill, Green Lake, Lake City, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Shoreline, U-Village, West Seattle
  • You can pickup from Our Commercial Kitchen Monday-Friday 9am-12pm. 8314 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, 98103. *please contact us for more info - this option is free!

Want Delivery to your doorstep? Simply check the all powerful internet to see if your address is within 5miles of us, if so, make sure to click Delivery upon checkout. If not, send us an email, with our brains put together, we can come up with a solution. 

  • Please note a $10 delivery fee will be added. Our deliveries go out as soon as the food is done to ensure freshness on Mondays. We will contact you with our estimated time of delivery. 

Excuse me, you guys messed up my order! - It is only the two of us, we are only human and mistakes happen, we can admit that. If you feel your order is wrong, please reach out to us immediately so we can fix it.  You can email us at RealMealsSeattle@gmail.com